Exploring history through food

A few years ago I began working with Airbnb to deliver a series of events looking at the history of East London over the centuries. Hosted in a house in Spitalfields dating from 1721, these dinners looked at the history of the area in culinary terms over the past 300 years and typically included Russian, Jewish, French & Bangladeshi influences. I also looked at the building’s past identity as The Market Cafe, working a menu around a typical British fry up.

I have since adapted this idea for one off historical Christmas events as well as exploring the history of Soho for Conde Nast Traveller.

More events in the pipeline to be ticketed here.

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Harvest Moon at Spitalfields City Farm

On 6th September 2017, I will be holding the first in a series of dinners at Spitalfields City Farm. The farm is a surprising and beautiful area of greenery in one of the most densely populated parts of East London, and has been here, run largely by volunteers since 1978. 

This first event will be celebrating the harvest moon, which will hopefully be visible from the dining table. The natural produce made available by the farm will determine a truly seasonal menu reflecting the richness of this time of year. 

Please come along celebrate the harvest moon whilst getting to know a truly unique part of London. 

Alternative Valentines at Town House



From its beginnings as a fertility festival in ancient Rome, the concept of Valentines Day has been celebrated with food and feasting. 

In more recent times many different kinds of food have been said to have aphrodisiac qualities - often meaning that they encouraged wellness and vitality in the eater. Examples of this are pepper, star anise and nettles - spicy herbal ingredients that have been used historically to treat sickness.

The menu I have chosen tonight has incorporated some of these foodie traditions, with warm spices in the lamb, romantic roses and violets in the dessert and grapes and cheese that remind me of Roman feasting. We also start with spicy tabasco to provide a little bit of heat alongside one of the most well recognised aphrodisiacs - oysters. 

Historic Dinner in Spitalfields

Over the next couple of weeks I will be hosting two dinners celebrating the foodie history of the area - from the influence of French Huguenot settlers in the eighteenth century, to the vibrant Bangladeshi restaurants on Brick Lane today. 

Tickets include four courses and wine - please be in touch if you are interested in joining us.

Floral dinner at Town House, Spitalfields

Wednesday night was the first in a series of curated dinners at Town House. My favourite venue ever, with its 300 year history, candle lit dining room and the fact that guests are surrounded by art and antiques. For this event, I worked with local florists Worm, who made table displays that were inspired by still life paintings. Fiona Atkins, antique dealer, and the building's owner, gave a talk exploring the past life of the house and the tradition of table displays. Carrying on the floral theme, I designed a menu using edible flowers, saffron and rose petals and experimenting with ways of using floral scents in cooking.